Limited 1-5-7-10 Year Rod Warranty

Provided that you registered your product and you are the original owner, our 1,5,7, or 10 Year warranty will cover most failures due to normal fishing situations. Please send your rod to us for a warranty evaluation. If your rod broke because of material, or craftsmanship it will be replaced quickly and at no charge other than the return shipping. If we determine it broke by abuse or misuse we will contact you and offer you a replacement at a reasonable charge. Broken guides are not covered under any 13 warranties. Guides are inexpensively and quickly replaced at most quality fishing tackle shops.Please understand rods aren’t indestructible and must be used in a reasonable manner to the type of fishing they were designed for. A receipt from an Authorized Retailer* is a requirement for warranty claims. Claims without proof of purchase will not be accepted. In the event a product submitted for warranty is out of stock or discontinued, 13 Fishing will generously find a comparable replacement.

If you broke your rod fishing 50lb braid on a 10lb rod, or lifting a giant fish into your boat using only your rod then please use the OOPS Replacement Program designed for these situations.

*An Authorized Retailer will possess a brick and mortar storefront location. 13 Fishing will not warranty product purchased through online auction or marketplace sites (i.e. e-bay etc) due to the untraceable nature of the transaction.



  • Envy Rod Series: 10 Year Warranty
  • Muse Black Series: 7 Year Warranty
  • Omen Rod Series: 5 Year Warranty
  • Ambition Rod Series: 1 Year Warranty
  • Fate Black Series: 1 Year Warranty
  • Fate Chrome Series: 1 Year Warranty
  • Defy Black Series: 1 Year Warranty
  • Ice Products: 1 Year Warranty

Rod Replacement Program

It doesn’t matter what happened. You broke your rod and need a new one. Accidents happen and this program is designed to get a new rod back in your hands A.S.A.P.!

Accidents happen. Car doors, hatches, ceiling fans, even rods run over in the driveway. We think you deserve a reward for being a loyal customer and we have a program to replace your broken rod. We know most breaks aren’t defects, and we believe you should have an option to replace your favorite 13 rod at a reasonable charge.



Provided that you registered your rod when you purchased it, and you are the original owner we will happily send you a new rod for the reasonable replacement fees below (all fees include return shipping):

· Archangel: $295.00
· Envy Black: $100.00
· Muse Black: $75.00
· Muse Black Swimbait: $75.00
· Muse Gold: $75.00
· Omen Black Muskie: $65.00
· Omen Black: $55.00
· Omen Green: $55.00
· Fate Black: $45.00
· Fate Chrome: $40.00
· Defy Black: $30.00
· Widow Maker: $30.00
· Tickle Stick: $25.00

*Oops Replacement Program is only available for rod series listed above

Replacement Shipping Procedure

All rods returned must have the section with the model number to qualify for replacement. (We do not need the entire rod, just the section with the model number.) Include a completed Warranty/Replacement/Repair form for all warranty and OOPS program returns. We recommend that you send the product to us through a US Mail carrier, this can be done quickly and affordably. Please attach the completed bottom section of warranty form to the outside of the package in order to expedite the process and get your product back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to keep the tracking number so that delivery can be verified if necessary.
Please do not send in rods with broken guides only, we are happy to send out a replacement guide in the mail if you contact us by email ( It is much more inexpensive to have a guide repaired locally than it is to ship the rod.


For all warranty and non-warranty service, please send your product(s) to:

13 Fishing
1310 N. Hercules Ave
Unit B
Clearwater, FL 33765

Important: We must receive the section of the rod with the model number on it, AND a completed warranty form in order to process your warranty/oops claim.


13 Fishing Warranty/Replacement/Repair Form